We have restored the old millstone while keeping intact the traces of those who have passed through here over the centuries, producing wine with our same passion. Just pass your hands over the stones of the Cato press, in the center of the Palmento: this traditional beam instrument, with a lever operation, has been used here since the Roman era, from the 1st century AD, for crushing the grapes. Thus we breathe the ancestral and intimate bond that exists between this territory and wine, since the dawn of time.


Those that were once the department stores of the estate, today have become our barricaia, a veritable temple of wine. Here, in fact, we leave to rest some of our wines, those to which we decide to make this sacred and silent passage, encouraging a long evolution. With a short walk through the barriques we discover the secrets of winemaking together.


The old oil mill has been completely renovated, with the oil presses and the old stone mill in evidence. It is an environment full of suggestions and history, which brings to mind the traditional places of oil production.